Hearts of Agape has been given a mandate to be the helping hands of The One Who Reigns
Supreme Over All by working through the willing and creative minds, and bodies and souls of
caring people to:

Hearts Of Agape was conceptualized almost twenty years ago after a divinely inspired mandate
from The One Who Reigns Supreme Over My Life to provide an alternative to the biases,
prejudices and manipulation that's usually associated with accessing help from religious, political
and civic groups. This goal will be accomplished through spiritually discerned innovative and
radical planning. Our programs will address the spiritual, psychological and socioeconomic
needs of individuals and groups that are caught up in the whirlwind of poverty, incarceration,
substance abuse, crime, illiteracy and social injustices in general.

Armed with the philosophy of unconditional love, Hearts Of Agape will systematically attack these
problems on a global basis. The initial thrust however will be domestic needs and the needs of
the English Speaking Caribbean with specific emphasis on the inner cities in the case of the
United States and rural communities in the targeted Caribbean countries. Initial focus will be on
those who are spiritually and morally bankrupt, are involved in substance abuse and related areas,
the incarcerated and those directly and indirectly affected by incarceration and substance abuse,
(its cause and effects).

All this will be accomplished by:

In keeping with its vision and the mandate from The One Who Reigns Supreme Over All, Hearts Of
Agape will not solicit funds. Hearts Of Agape will also always reserve the right to determine who to
accept assistance from. We believe that an infinitely wise God would not place anyone in this
perfectly thought out world without providing them with every thing needed for survival. Therefore,
we will maximize all the resources that He places at our collective and individual disposal to
initiate business ventures. The revenues from these ventures will be used to fund the programs
and activities of Hearts Of Agape.

Hearts Of Agape business activities will include but are not limited to:

Hearts of Agape Spiritual activities will include:

I understand the Herculean nature of this mandate, but correspondingly, I am also absolutely
convinced that The One Who Knows All There Is To Be Known would not have given me this
mandate if it was not feasible.

If you believe The One Who Reigns Supreme Over Your Life has placed in your heart a
willingness to participate in any way, please do a "Gideon" heart and gut check before making
a decision. The seriousness of the needs that dictated the existence of this effort does not
allow room for the inclusion of anyone with selfish, self-righteous tendencies who might
initially react favorably to this concept, without fully understanding the seriousness of this
effort because they find it extraordinarily alluring.  If all you can do is pray, then please do that.
Prayer is needed more than anything else, because prayer does moves the hand of He Who Is
Able To Do Immeasurably More Than We Can Imagine.
"Make me a servant humble and meek,
Let me lift up those who are weak.
And may the prayer of my heart always be,
Make me a servant today"
Take care of the oppressed
Feed the hungry
Clothe the naked
Plea the cause of widows and orphans
Visit and minister to the incarcerated and the sick
Identify and develop economic empowerment activities
Establishing a full-service spiritual and socioeconomic development incubator for existing
and ex-offenders, recovering and existing substance abusers, juvenile delinquents and
offenders, and the homeless and unemployed. All activities will transcend the boundaries of
politics, race, class and religion.
Providing advocacy services for the following individuals
Existing and ex-offenders,
Recovering and existing substance abusers,
Juvenile delinquents and offenders,
The homeless and unemployed.
All activities will transcend the boundaries of politics, race, class and religion.
Identifying, developing, implementing and managing the implementation of economic
empowerment programs and opportunities for the named populations in inner cities in the
USA and rural areas in the nations of the Caribbean area.
Contract and direct manufacturing
Information processing
Retail merchandising including E-Commerce
Consumer oriented services
Music productions, promotions and distribution
Bilateral trade
Design and develop gift, apparel and cosmetic items which will be marketed through
strategically located retail outlets to be called "Positive Expressions"
Radio broadcast of unbiased programming of positive messages
Residential substance abuse treatment centers
Project "Love link," a global correspondence network to encourage communication with
inmates, ex-offenders, substance abusers and recovering substance abusers
Scripture studies in jails, prisons and drug treatment facilities
Un-institutionalized accommodation for transitional ex-offenders and recovering substance
Un-institutionalized housing for children whose parents are incarcerated
Un-institutionalized fullservice residential facility for at risk juveniles.
Hearts Of Agape
Ken Brevett