Hearts Of Agape was conceptualized almost twenty years ago after a divinely inspired mandate from The
One Who Reigns Supreme Over My Life to provide an alternative to the biases, prejudices and
manipulation that's usually associated with accessing help from religious, political and civic groups.
Hearts Of Agape will become His helping hands by working through the willing and creative hearts,
minds, bodies and souls of caring people.
Love is a power that rises from our soul's needs and a strength that flows from our soul’s
fullness. This love moves us to help another for his or her sake.

We are guided by two separate and powerful forces, and we call both of these forces love.  They
are ‘need love” and “gift love” or “Eros” and “Agape” love, respectively.  

Eros love drives us to satisfy our own deepest needs and Agape love moves us to satisfy the
needs of another. They are different, but together they are the strength of life. Without them, our
humanity wrinkles and withers like dead fruit.

The love we encounter in The One Who Reigns Supreme Over All is Agape, gift love, the current
that bears us to others for their sakes. This love is a command as truly as it is a gift, a duty as
much as a power.  He Who Guides And Directs All We Are, Were And Will Be, used Immanuel
Kant to exhort us to treat every person as an end not as a means to our own advantage. That is, to
promote the happiness of others who are in need, according to our means.

One should not give in order to receive.
Agape love commands us to love and to give, unconditionally. The One Who Reigns Supreme
Over All loves everyone and His love takes on  real form when He responds to our needs. His love
comes to us through our giving and giving is in itself exquisite joy.  We should therefore practice
“Responsibility love” so that we are able to respond to the needs of other human beings.

Agape Love does not discriminate.
Agape love dictates that no one is excluded. This love demands that we go out of our way to
embrace the most scandalous and repugnant, dismissing ethnic and class identities.

Agape Love moves us to action.
Agape love moves us to help all people for their sakes without regard for cost. The story of the
crucifixion shows love asks more than the common sense of benevolence. It knows no limits. It
keeps pushing us beyond what good sense tells us we have to do, i.e. Having written one check to
help feed the poor, love will push me to write one more and one more after that, until there is no
more money in my account. Life of course puts limit on Agape. I cannot give the extra dollar if my
account is overdrawn. I cannot give medicine to three wounded people if I have enough for only
one. What Agape does however, is drive us beyond the limits of our resources, even if it cannot
undo those limits. Pure Agape love gives us the pure will to help our neighbors so that they will be
better off, not so that the lover can get something for himself from loving.

Agape Love demands Justice as a minimum requirement.
Since the law of love commands us to help our neighbor, it requires us at least to help him get to
keep what is coming to him. Although love does not tell what our neighbors have a right to have, it
does require that we support them in their right, whatever it is.

Agape love always seeks at least justice because people are deeply hurt when they are denied
their rights.
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Hearts Of Agape's Mission
Hearts Of Agape's Philosophy
"Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day .........
 but teach a man how to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime."
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We are therefore committed to:
Taking care of the oppressed
Pleading the cause of widows and orphans
Visiting and ministering to the incarcerated, sick, homeless, shut-in and
substance abusers
Feeding the hungry
Identifying and developing economic empowerment activities
Clothing the naked
Armed with the philosophy of unconditional love, Hearts Of Agape will
systematically attack these problems on a global basis. The initial thrust however will be
domestic needs and the needs of the English Speaking Caribbean with specific emphasis on the
inner cities in the case of the United States and rural communities in the targeted Caribbean