"I am a servant of The One Who Reigns Supreme Over All
..... that makes me your servant"
Ken Brevett is the founder and president of Hearts of Agape, Inc. (HOAI).  He has
spent almost twenty years providing full-service economic and spiritual
empowerment outreach services to existing and ex-offenders, existing and
recovering substance abusers, juvenile offenders and at-risk juveniles, the
homeless, the mentally ill and others in the inner cities of the United States and in
towns and cities in several third world countries.  HOAI is a client-friendly and
supportive alternative to existing federal and municipal agencies.

For many years, Ken had been concerned about the way the poor were treated
whenever they came into contact with the social services and justice systems, like
the police, the prisons, homeless shelters, etc.  Seven years ago, in an effort to
secure a full understanding and first hand knowledge of how these service
agencies operated and how these agencies treated those requiring social
services, he became homeless for a period of nine months.  During this period he
also observed a vow of silence. Ken discovered that, as he suspected, people
are treated disrespectfully, demeaned, and many times, were unreasonably
denied essential services because those who are charged with the responsibility
to help regard them as voiceless and powerless.  At the end of that time, Ken
committed himself to creating Hearts of Agape, which is designed to operate on
the basis of unconditional love as expected by The One Who Reigns Supreme
Over All

HOAI provides counseling and visiting services and a service hotline.  Those who
have found themselves in the court or prison system are accompanied through
the most difficult times of their lives.  Groups and individuals are also helped to
navigate the agencies that provide services that are relevant to basic socio-
economic needs. Prayer groups provide spiritual intercession for those whose
lives have been turned upside down.  For the past seven years, Ken has done
most of this work himself, pulling in whatever assistance he could gather from
friends, family and those few in the system who were motivated in their jobs and
driven by a strong ethic to do what is right.

Hearts Of Agape is now ready to move to the next level.  Ken is now working on
the development of HOAI’s Spiritual and Economic Incubator (SPIN), which will
help its clients not only to recover from lives mired in underachievement, current
or past criminal activity, homelessness etc. but will provide clients with realistic
opportunities to empower themselves economically through small business
projects.  SPIN will teach them the basics of business operation, help them to
identify opportunities, and involve professionals as consultants who can create
the business systems that can be easily incorporated into these embryonic
businesses. SPIN will teach how to fish instead of giving a fish.